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About Ardtus

The man behind Ardtus Realistic Prosthetics is Ard de Block. Born in Deventer and raised in Apeldoorn, Ard pursued higher education at the High School of Arts in Utrecht after high school. He chose the field of Architectural Design/3D Design, with a specialization in product design. The combination of designing furniture and crafting it appealed to him, and he decided to establish himself as a professional artist, which he did with great success. His collection has received extensive media coverage, and his work has been regularly exhibited at fairs, galleries both domestically and internationally, featured on television, and even made appearances in films.

Ard ran his studio in Teuge, a village near Apeldoorn, and fondly recalls that time as "a great period." However, as an artist, he felt a desire to have a more direct impact on people's lives and be able to connect with others.

In addition to being a skilled craftsman, Ard is also a people person at heart.

An opportunity presented itself when he came across a job opening at Diortho BV, seeking a sculptor. He applied for the position and was successfully hired. As a sculptor specializing in silicone limb prostheses, he found a way to blend his creativity and craftsmanship with the fulfilling role of advising and assisting his clients.

Ard dedicated his skills to Diortho, later transitioning to Otto Bock Benelux BV, and is now delighted to serve you with Ardtus Realistic Prosthetics.


My Approach

At Ardtus, I offer personalized and comprehensive prosthetic care. I work with you to understand your unique needs, ensuring that my service meet your expectations and enhance your quality of life. I pride myself on staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in prosthetic technology and care, so you can wait assured that you are receiving the best result possible.

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