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  • How long can I wear a prosthesis daily?
    The first day you may wear the prosthesis for about an hour. You build this up slowly. If there are no pain or skin problems, you can wear it all day. However, you will remove the prosthesis before going to bed.
  • Can I paint or decorate my prosthetic nails?
    Yes, you certainly can. However, you should use acetone-free nail polish remover when removing the polish.
  • Can I go to sleep with my prosthesis?
    No, you should take off your prosthesis just like, say, glasses before bedtime. However, taking a short nap with your prosthesis on is fine.
  • How individual is a silicone limb prosthesis?
    Through a personal intake, sizing and electronic color determination, we obtain the necessary data to fabricate the most unique prosthesis possible for you, one that closely matches your person and your wishes. It really doesn't get more unique than this.
  • Is it possible to shower or swim with my prosthesis?
    You can absolutely swim with a finger or hand prosthesis. However, if you have a partial hand prosthesis, where your own fingers are part of the hand, the advisability of swimming should be assessed on a case-by-case basis due to the risk of the prosthesis getting lost in the water. When it comes to arm or leg covers that create a sealed system with the existing prosthesis, they can be used for showering or swimming. However, in other cases, it's not recommended because water could potentially enter the prosthesis and harm its inner structure. In any situation, exercise caution when using your prosthesis.
  • Can a tattoo be put on my prosthesis?
    Yes, this is certainly possible. You should indicate this during the intake interview.
  • How long will it take to get used to my prosthesis?
    This is different for everyone. For some, the prosthesis will feel natural right away; for others, it takes a while for habituation to occur.
  • When can a silicone prosthesis be fitted after surgery?
    It is recommended to wait 3 to 4 months after surgery before measuring for a prosthesis to ensure proper healing of the wound and complete reduction of swelling. This is crucial for accurate sizing. Of course, you may request the measurement earlier if needed.
  • Is it necessary to come to Apeldoorn for the fitting of my prosthesis?
    Fitting and delivery can take place on location at an orthopedic instrument maker in your area, but also at Ardtus in Apeldoorn. We always strive for an appropriate solution.
  • May I bring someone with me during my consultation?
    You are welcome to bring a partner, family member or friend, for support and advice.
  • Does the prosthesis get dirty quickly?
    The silicone used in our prostheses is highly resistant to dirt, but it's essential to exercise caution with unknown substances and potent dyes. Products you should definitely avoid contact with include carbon paper, carbon, unwashed jeans, curry powder, and certain leather coloring products.
  • What's the typical waiting time for health insurance approval?
    This varies by application and health insurance company. The waiting time varies from 2 weeks to several months.
  • Will the appearance of my denture change over time?
    Your prosthesis is made of 100% silicone. This material is very stable, does not shrink and retains its shape. However, wear and tear of the silicone causes the finest details to disappear over time. Although the dentures are dyed throughout, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet sunlight may cause the denture to change color
  • What should I do if my prosthesis is damaged or torn?
    Never attempt to repair your prosthesis on your own. Instead, please reach out to us as soon as possible! The sooner you bring the denture to us after it's damaged, the greater the likelihood of a successful repair!
  • Should I be concerned about skin irritation while wearing the prosthesis?
    Ardtus silicone limb prostheses are made of dermatologically tested medical grade silicone and in most cases are not the cause of an allergic reaction.
  • How long will my prosthesis last?
    The average lifespan of a prosthesis is between 1 and 3 years. The lifespan depends on how and what you use the prosthesis for, how often you wear it and how well you take care of it.
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