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Scarred Leg

Leg Covers

Show off your legs!

With a silicone leg cover from Ardtus, your summer becomes a season of carefree moments - relaxing on a terrace or strolling along the beach in a short skirt or pants, and sporting a pair of open shoes or flip-flops.

Ardtus leg covers are tailored for lower leg prostheses, with plans for upper leg prostheses in the future.

Here's what an Ardtus leg cover offers:

  • Provides a lifelike appearance to your leg prosthesis.

  • Enhances your personal presentation.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Can be securely waterproofed onto your existing prosthesis.

Helpful Tips

Oil-free lotion

Putting on your prosthesis is easier with a small amount of oil-free or fat-free body lotion. When removing it, allow some air to flow between your skin and the prosthesis for added ease.

Tailored to your type of shoes

During the fitting of your leg prosthesis, it's beneficial to inform your instrument maker about your preferred type of shoes. This allows them to tailor the prosthetic foot accordingly, potentially offering options like a "split toe" foot, which accommodates toe-slipper model shoes for your comfort.


Adding nail polish or decorations to the nails of your silicone leg cover or wearing a bracelet can enhance its realism, making it virtually unnoticeable.


Personalize your silicone cover further by applying a small tattoo to your prosthetic.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, contact us today to schedule an appointment or to get more information about Ardtus and how we can help you on your healthcare journey.

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